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Color Study…A Lesson in Patience

Just when the stars align and we create a project so many of you love (like Color Study), a supplier runs out of beads or leather in that shade of green. We are not doing this on purpose…far from it. I understand completely how irritating this can be when we know you want to order everything listed in the Ingredients Section and then we are out of stock. We are frustrated too; we work hard creating something and then when the supplier breaks the news they are sold out it drives me nuts!

Color Study is a perfect example of how we just have to do a better job of projecting how much inventory we need so we have more on hand BEFORE we release the project. Until recently, an in-stock amount of 50 or 60 would seem good, but now we know that our minimum needs to be set much higher. This is a wake-up call for us and we so appreciate your patience through our growing pains.

We hope you like the new Tahoe 5 Wrap. It was inspired by some of our new JUST IN products and my love of the original Tahoe Bracelet project. As long as you want wrap bracelets, we will do our best to keep new ideas coming down the pike. And, of course, we are going to work harder on keeping more inventory on hand. I think I have the best customers in the world. Thank you!


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                                 Color Study in Charcoal and Picasso Green