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To make a great wrap bracelet, start with our free video, Tricks to Laddering. We get asked almost every day, "Which size leather is the best to wrap with?" and "What thread should I use to weave the beads around and through the leather?" Although there is no right answer for leather size, we can tell you that most of the wrap bracelets you see are done on 1.5mm or smaller 1.0-1.2mm. For thread, if you are wrapping gemstones and/or 4mm or smaller, go with KO Thread. If you are using small to medium crystals, glass and pearls, go with #1 or #2 Tuff Cord and larger beads or large holed beads, #3 Tuff. With a wide assortment of colors to match or contrast with your leather, C-Lon or Superlon 18 are great choices as long a your beads have large holes. We recommend having more than one thread size and type on hand when you are laddering. So, enjoy!